The Fancy's Story

Harry Fancy came to Canada at the age of 14 from Aberdare, Wales. He went back to Europe during the war and met Jane Harris in Wales. Returning to Canada after the war, Harry and his new bride Jane Fancy settled in Toronto. Jane & Harry bought their first store in the early 50's on their own with 2 small children.

The following is a list of their stores over the years: Six Points Fish & Chips - Bloor & Dundas, Etobicoke: The Queensway Fish & chips - The Queensway, Etobicoke: Black Cat Fish & Chips - Morningside Rd., Westhill: Seville Fish & Chips - Brampton; Fancy's Fish & Chips - Essa Road, Barrie; Fancy's Fish & chips - Hwy. 11N., Orillia; Fancy's Fish & chips - Yonge St., Painswick.

Their son Tom started full time with Harry & Jane in 1975 at Painswick. Tom met Ann Webster in 1975. Tom & Ann purchased Painswick restaurant if 1977 while Jane & Harry opened another location at Bayfield and Cundles. Tom opened a second location at Bayfield & Sophia Street in 1978. In April 1983, with all Fancy's Fish & Chip locations sold the family got restless and decided to open another location on Bell Farm Road, Barrie. Harry Fancy and Tom Fancy have since passed away and Jane is now retired leaving Ann to carry on the family tradition.

Although Fancy's has grown over the years, one thing remains unchanged, "quite simply; freshness, quality, quantity & consistency."

Fancy's was purchased from Ann fancy in December 2018 by Michael Chanko. Michael has been part of  the Fancy family and history for 20 years. He looks forward to being part of the Fancy legacy for many years to come.

Fancy's is located at:
5 Bellfarm Rd, Barrie
Ontario, Canada

Or Call: 705-728-9594

Fancy's Fish and Chips Restaurant at 5 Bellfarm Road in Barrie!
Fancy's dinning room.
Join us for your family gathering at Fancy's harvest fish table.
Fancy's Fish and Chips Restaurant at 5 Bellfarm Road in Barrie! For reservations or takeout call 705-728-9594.